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Aquamax Junior HT Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquamax Jr. HT

Aquamax Pool Cleaner Vacuum

Aquamax BiTurbo Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquamax BiTurbo
Ultramax Pool Cleaner Vacuum

Jetmax Pool Cleaner Vacuum

The Baby Brother of the world's most powerful pool cleaner, the Ultramax Jr. is a slightlyUltramax Junior Pool Cleaner Vacuum smaller, more affordable version of the Ultramax. It is designed to provide the superior vacuuming and filtering capabilities of the full sized Ultramax in a more compact design. The Junior unit is suited to commercial pools up to 80 feet in length found in large hotels, motels, and public swimming facilities. Like all Aqua Products Pool Cleaners, the Ultramax Jr. gobbles up small and large debris from the pool and filters the water through a built-in, easy-to-clean, reusable micro-filter bag.
Cleaning Time: 1 Hr. Unit Weight: 42 lbs.
Elect. Cable Length: 120 feet Coverage: 8,500 sq ft/hr
Electrical Rating:  110v/60Hz or 220v/50Hz Filtration: 9,000 GPH
  24v at vacuum    

 Pools up to 50 feet in length                        Olympic Sized Pools