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Aquabot Pool Cleaner Vacuus
Aquabot Turbo Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquabot Turbo
Aquabot Turbo T2 Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquabot Turbo T2
Aquabot Turbo T4 Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquabot Turbo T4
Aquabot Rover Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquabot Rover

Aquabot Series Vacuum Cleaners for pools 20 X 50 feet.
                    All Aquabot cleaners
  • Are equipped with safety reset buttons and adjustable auto shut off timers.
  • Filter as they clean, down to 2 microns, utilizing easy to clean, reusable bags.
  • Will clean all pool shapes and surface types.
  • Use scrubbing brush action for cleaning (except the Aquabot Rovers).
  • The Turbo T2 and T4 also use power washing jets for cleaning.
  • Utilize DC brushless drive and pump motors individually housed and sealed in oil for heat disbursement and lubrication (except the Aquabot Rovers).
  • The Aquabot Rovers have a patented Hydrodrive system which uses ejected water for propulsion
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   Pool up to 80 ft. in length Olympic Sized Pools