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Gemini pool cleaner vacuum
Ultramax Gemini
Pools up to 50 feet  in length
Pools up to 80 feet in length
A wide body cleaner designed especially for olympic sized swimming pools. The Gemini pool vacuum is fully automatic and completely self-contained. This cleaner utilizes the Aqua Smart System that calculates the size of the pool, then programs itself to clean in 4 hours or less. The unit comes complete with infrared "eyes" for changing directions as needed, a caddy cart, a 120' power cord with step-down transformer, and a four-way Wireless Remote Control System for spot cleaning. Should your facility have special cleaning needs such as bulkheads, disability access equipment, highly polished tile walls or beach style wave pools, the Gemini can be equipped with a variety of options and tools to meet those requirements. The Gemini's PVA brushes allow the cleaner to climb any surface, including tile, without trouble, . It is equipped with two high powered pump motors capable of pumping 15,840 GPH. It filters pool water at a rate of 10,000 GPH through two maximum capacity filter bags. The Gemini will cover 12,500 square feet of pool per hour. Four cleaning programs to choose from:
  • 3-Hr. Cleaning Cycle
  • 5-Hr. Cleaning Cycle
  • 4 Directional Remote Control (manual spot cleaning)
  • Auto-delay-Start, put the cleaner in stand by mode for 2 hours allowing debris to settle to the pool floor before it starts the cleaning cycle.