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Aquamax Junior HT Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquamax Jr. HT
Aquamax Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquamax BiTurbo Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquamax BiTurbo
Ultramax Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Ultramx Junior Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Ultramax Jr.

At the heart of every JetMax is the patented JetDrive Propulsion System, which enables the JetMax to clean, filter and move using the same onboard pump. The Hydroscrub Power Wash System includes a high pressure impeller that forces pressurized water through tubes to the Hydroscrubber nozzles. Sharp streams of water power wash dirt and debris off the pool Jetmax Pool Cleaner Vacuumsurface. JetMax vacuums and filters 5,400 GPH removing dirt, sand, leaves and other debris into its 2x-quart capacity internal filter bag (standard equipped with both 2-micron and mesh filter bags). The micro-filtered water is expelled, providing propulsion. A portion of the filtered water is forced, under high pressure, from the pump motor through two tubes to the pool's surface, creating a power washing effect to flush dirt and debris from areas where brushes can't reach. The result is the most reliable and fastest automatic vacuum on the market, cleaning most pools in just one hour.

Pools up to 50 feet in length                     Olympic Sized Pools