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Magnum Pool Cleaner Vacuum

The Magnum is the perfect robotic pool cleaner for medium sized commercial or public swimming pools up to 70 feet in length. It is ideally suited for swimming facilities at schools, universities, hospitals and the hotel/motel industry. The Magnum is fully automatic and completely self-contained. It uses the Aqua Smart System to calculate the size of the pool and then programs itself to clean in 4 hours or less. Its infrared technology allows the Magnum to detect walls or other obstacles and charge direction. In addition to the 4 hour cleaning cycle, the operator can use the remote control feature for quick spot cleaning. The magnum covers 6,780 square feet per hour and filters 5,019 GPH.
  Pools up to 50 ft. in length  Pools up to 80 ft. in length Olympic Sized Pools