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Aquamax Junior HT pool cleaner Vacuum
Aquamax Jr. HT

Aquamax Pool Cleaner Vacuum

Aquamax BiTurbo Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquamax BiTurbo
Ultramax Pool Cleaner Vacuum

Ultramax Junior Pool Cleaner Vacuum
UltraMax Jr.

JetMax Pool Cleaner Vacuum
AquaMax Series Vacuum Cleaners for Pools up to 80 ft. in length
The AquaMax series offers pool cleaners engineered to meet any pool configuration and surface type. Each model in the series has the power and options to satisfy vitually any pool cleaning requirements. Each AquaMax cleans in 3 ways:
   1) by gently scrubbing pool surfaces with its motor driven rotating brushes;
   2) by vacuuming debris from the pools;
   3) by micro-filtering the vacuumed water through a self contained, reusable filter        bag.
Magnum Pool Cleaner Vacuum
Aquamax Magnum.

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